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Tea $hop

from by O-Zi

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I'm in the tea shop
i'm drinking hot teas with my knees up
for some reason

i got alotta thoughts
most of which bottling up
can't write, just bottling up
fast metabolism. bodily luck.
other dudes be. bodily fucked.
o-zi straight as a nail
yet sometimes think about kissin a male
straight honest not wearin a veil
not muslim not wearin a veil
not christian so goin to hell
decisions good, not goin to jail
aimless dude. lookin for ID
you american dude? or chinese?
speak easy. freaky. abc weezy
i'm gettin sleepy. so i'm steepin tea
like a steeple. these people be creepy like smeagol
it's good kids turned evil. I
write bold. charisma is loud man
hard to do the barista playin loud jams
so i blast the speakers into pieces but i don't carry pieces cause i easily fall to pieces
home town hershey
call me young reeces
flow i go ape shit
call me young rhesus
monkey on the playground
call me young recess,
grew up in the states, so i see west. yes

I'm in the tea shop
i'm drinkin hot tea with my knees up
for some reason

on paper, assume a new persona
but this tea shop aromas givin me a boner
and these three cops think i'm up to no good
these three gods are checkin if my souls good
tryna drag me in to fill up a free spot
to me its a toss up tween them and russell's tea pot
my hustles slow but
my quality's hot.
hot like fresh baked empinadas in the oven
cold lack of something. ice cold penguin feet.
can't speak chinese, i rock that anglo speak
"english mothafucka!" "diction"
right wing words are pulp fiction,
right? i'm so left that i write left handed,
no seats left so these dudes left standin
holdin their coffee. lookin like idiots
thinkin bout how crowded this city is
so i move to the corner
writin haikus stoopin down like a foreigner
pull out the shiny headphones
shine like headies when they burn and i pull out the mole skin

catch me rappin in
haikus castin light moods on
dudes who surly like..


from Rus Li, released April 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Blue Belt New York

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