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Something in the Water ft. Blue Belt

from by O-Zi

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Baby can't u see im cool like a cloud in the sky
Cool like vanilla pie viewed through winters eye
Ris, rebel lioness, does inspire this, flow like a fire kiss,
Rise in a spiral like hiromi eccy styleness,
And that's a shout out, to shing02, too, to my
LA crew too, I know cool dudes from Washington to
Florida, Catch me eating food in the corridor,
Sittin in the coriner,
Big apple, brooklyn to
astoria, im on the mta, every day im sitting on trains, my brains
M.I.A., my soul's
sitting on the tracks,
I don't care because the tracks are not even there,
Im aware, that they
stare, but its prollyy cause they say I look somethin like a young Buddha, like yellow jesus,
I kinda rep hershey so I guess im reppin reeces,
J1 heist got these kids in the factory,
Jesus, im actually a factual pterodactyl,
Lightning bolt, animal, lightning rod, Flammable,
Scientist's son, ima nihilist, son, I
Annihilate sons with a gun, cause im cooler than
water, mr. H2O, with flow like an otter,
and u know i got these diamonds in my bladder


i'm drinking lemonade
Where's my girl at
Where's my friends at
Wheres' my food at
I'm that chilling by the pool cat
diving in the pool, yeah,
you know i'm in the water.
1 2 3 good, 4 5 shit
6 7 8 9 10 11 shit
Now I'm 24, 24 good, 25 hopeful, 26 27 28 hopeful
young american
old americans
all everyone
all anyone wants is to be heard but
big bullies got your tongue
you gotta fuck'em up
you gotta fuckem up, you gotta fuckem up
i'm sippin lemonade in between fuckin' em up
like michael moore
hes fuckin em up
i like michael moore he's got a big fucking gut
(big belly)


Something in the water like fluoride and copper
Cyndi Lauper of this rap game, get it proper
"Get it poppier", gettin sloppy on the copier
Got this office party poppin and pretty popular
Sippin hoppy fogginess, probably should be obvious
To all of us, "Who's 'us'?" says the audience
They came for the beat, left for the politics
Or stayed as the case may be, college kids
Up at Minnetonka, going bonkers like the Cronk Yonkers
My flow is opera, I'm chomping like Sammy Gompers
Out with my girl, both of us wearing rompers
Sounded like a good idea, but honestly it's awkward
Somebody calls me a faggot idling at a stoplight
I start to think I should have gotten the romper in off white
Life's a play fight till they swap out the prop knife
Not nice, but the acting gets really good
Believe me


from Rus Li, released April 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Blue Belt New York

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