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from by O-Zi

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Tha Single from O-Zi's upcoming solo debut 'Rus Li'.

O-Zi is the founder/producer of Blue Belt, a hip hop collective in BK. aka Baby Bok Choy, aka Capital Z, aka Young Asian American Mothafucka

.Featuring Holing Yip
.Mixed and Mastered by Alexander Almgren: Mixing and Mastering




Shorty you could be the one for me,
but you should know that I ain't fuckin with these K.I.D.S,
You better pump your brakes and wait for three,
cuz you should know that I ain't fuckin with these K.I.D.S,

Boy don't you know that you're too young, I could
crush you with my mother fucking thumb, and I know,
that you're hurting but you've got to leave,
cause you should know that I ain't fuckin with these K.I.D.S,


Call me Carl, cuz u know that I look jung,
no respect from kids, they be actin like hoodlums,
O.C. tanned, these doritos wanna fight me,
lookin young and fresh, all these pedos wanna bite me,
fuck these little fucking fuckers, got no love for
kids with mean mugs these weenie thugs they need hugs.
This is real talk, this is real talk,
catch me in the movies gettin pissed out the ear drums.
Yeah, wack guys and wack women,
get together and they pop out super wack children,
angry fat children, welcome to america,
young mike teevees spread like malaria


Kid ignoramus in a polo shirt,
sings the ching chong song, everybody singalong,
wack fools who pick on the quiet dudes
who already got issues so they shoot up the high schools,
they carryin that fuku, americanus voodoo,
that very honest karma is a bitch kinda susu.
Lil henchmen lookin for trends, and will line up for the next thing like emperor penguins.
Yeah, these kids be eatin tater tots.
these kids be takin jager shots.
these kids be takin tater tots and put it in their jager shots,
so they takin tater shots.

Pig head on a stake, who's leading the pack,
you can be ralph and I can be jack...repeat ad nauseum


from Rus Li, track released April 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Blue Belt New York

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