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Intro - Million Man

from by O-Zi

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Hit it hit it hit it like a million drums,
speed dangerously hot like a million suns,
o-zi reppin asia like atilla the hun,
immortal yall, check my age i'm a million and one,
yo a milli, amelie, bangeladash,
Lil wayne knows i flow like audrie toutou,
so fast that I gotta rap on my tippie toes,
nipples flowin out milk like a million babies suckin on a
giant ass tittie, I'm really feelin this imagery,
yes I'm feelin silly,
yes i'm feelin myself,
yes i'm feelin these raps,
rapper in a post rap age eatin post cereal bowls and cereal snacks,
multivitamin kid, drinkin apple cider and shit,
fuck the biters and shit like prefuse 73,
i'm only 23 but i refuse to leave so please don't refuse me, ha

hit it hit it hit it no top to hit no limitation,
knowledge information, brave son
teach me all the ways of the million drums,
i'm not feelin the sun, i'm kinda feelin glum,
kinda feelin a million things in a million ways,
couldn't do all that i wanna do in a million days,
be true homeboy you are really amazin,
do somethin new, change ur yamaka placement,
fight a motha fucka in a yakuza basement,
find the difference between a yak and a buffalo,
at the ICP show drinkin yak with a juggalo,
flow like no other tho if i roll with these other fo's
then am i still hip hop or another boat yo
i can be your brother tho u know i set it off, set it off, set it off

Like a million bombs, I'm a global war monger,
a million frogs, gods amphibiano plague,
i'ma millionaire, million dollars holla son
i got a million followers, empty life gets hollower,
got a million songs on my itunes, zune,
smoked a million bongs on a full moon dude,
yellow man finna got a bellow man,
take a million hits, fuckin dish a million better and...


from Rus Li, track released April 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Blue Belt New York

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