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Flippin Prod. Toshi ft. Blue Belt

from by O-Zi

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I’m flipin off the wall Flippin flap jack em all
With the rap attack smack em all, break backs and all,
Send em back cause the chiropractor called,
They heads spinnin so they need that anti spiral tylenol,
Capi-tal Z, o-zi, O to Z I, three eyed, see my hyphen squeezed between the lines,
Ima hyphenated mind, I stick the knife in the pie, I see you trippin with my hyphenated eyes,
Glasses to contacts to glasses, my life blurs fast as it passes on the highway for the masses,
Fuck out my face massive asses, my style is sensitive, crew chill like sedative, or penguins embedded in
Ice from the freezer, keep my cool, psychedelic flow cause a seizure,
I do my own thing and watch y’all try to conquer rap like y’all are em-caesar
Et tu motha fuckaaaaaa


A2, shit, you hit my main battleship
No engines, now I have to paddle it
Affix a sticker, and label it the "catalyst"
In the catalog....when you're done, you can saddle
I must be getting old; my protegés have protegés
They sampled Odelay and made another Odelay
I give these Padawans "attaboy"'s as a form of encouragement
But then they start to grow up and they treat it like nourishment
I hate to be the cutscene killing the immersion
But I got the new version
Forgot the inversion


yeah, thats the deal
yeah, i wanna hear
yeah, don't wanna hear
no, just wanna hear
yeah, yeah thats the bestest
get it off my chest its
best to get it off like an uncomfortable vest
used to love christmas, i'm atheist
taste the tastiest taste in a taste test yes
yeah i got good taste, yeah i got toothpaste, yeah i got off days, yes
catch me at the moth yes, yes i'm at the moth yes
yes i stay positive, yes i'm post college kid, yes i know some knowledge bitch
yes to gynecologists, ob gyns, ob beer, thats korean beer,
that's right red stripe's carribean beer, i'm being so weird
i'm reading king lear, i'm drinking Tsingdao,
that's the king of beers,
fuck budweiser, fuck pbr, fuck ddr, you know who we are
we've got 200 facebook fans who know who we are! YEAH!


from Rus Li, released April 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Blue Belt New York

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