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Baby Bok Choy

from by O-Zi

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o-z-I, beautiful like an origami butterfly,
Talk about me, quit talkin bout the other guy,
Cause im the colored guy, bright like a firefly,
Glowin ass crass master give the finger to the pastor,
Rewind the design or push into the future
Spiritual teachers preach through the computer,
My mission is to rain on those doofs,
Connect the trains with the caboose like brains with the truths,
Bitch u Know im on omicron persei 9, with the mega fly, super sized wise mind,
Mind the disguise, im really not feelin it,
U flap ur mouth while I kill it kill it kill it kill it,
I bet ur good at bullshitting cock stories,
spit bull got forty stories memorized off of wikipedia,
Yeah im readin ya from across the room, I zoom in, sonic boom,
steal the girl, like KABOOM BOOM BOOM,
No pow, this ain't black eyed peas pop son its,
Baby bok choy tell your boy we rap pundits,
we zap hundreds with electric shock.voltage Jay elect
rock tesla reference so ill take volta,
We come in peace so holster, east asian man in the
States, shit, somebody faltered,
Sometimes I feel like cowboys vs aliens, like we
Missin out in this binary color gradient,
My flow salient, salty like margharita,
or like the pacific ocean, spittin like polynesia,
that's a terrific notion, drink the delicious potion,
Transform into the man, with the smartest plan and the hardest hand,
Not me though, son I got the artists hand,
So i bury my head deep down in the darkest sand
Strung up in my own web, like parker man,
feelin dark like chicken thighs, dark like the heart of man,
I ain't deep son though my beats artisan,
Never popped a collar and I never wore a cardigan,
cop a few dollars and i found a cheap Apartament,
Tryna part my hair in different compartaments,
done keepin my head down, now im kinda startin shit,
Hard to make a scene, when im lyin on the carpetin, I fuckin hate marketing
If I don't know myself how am I supposed to market me,

Rep that asian a, rap ill put a spark in it,
Left my white hometown i feel my skin darkening,
- park that mr. Park, got that asian cranium,
got that soft hair, got those pubes like pomeranians,

Seedy like pomegranate, damn I wanna slam this
planet right into the moon, me and my crew, playin planet
pool, man im cool like neptune, and the next dude,
Who is - practicin violin in the restroom,

Im not tryna hear that, yall get mirked violent from the
next guy tryna also get first violin,
Don't think too hard son or you'll burst myelin,
Don't think too hard, use these cue cards,
peruse these peruvian books, pompeii
Look out man vesuvius shook, it - is - go - ing to
De stroy your home town, get the fuck out now,
O-zi wont save u when roku tries to throw down,

What makes the world go round,
Maybe a teapot in space tells us what we know now,
Probably fast food attitude makes u grow round,
Small town livin makes everybody slow down,
Yo dude, slow down,

This is not a showdown,
just a shogun who shows up listenin to motown,
Listenin to dillas donuts down in pro cro,
Swag is so so, flow is so pro,
So if u don't know how,
Im tellin u to know now

Chorus: So Baby Bok Choy, Go out and get what you want, You can have some of that cheese, Then you wont go home empty...


from Rus Li, released April 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Blue Belt New York

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