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Rus Li

by O-Zi

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released April 19, 2012

All tracks produced by O-Zi except for Flippin' and Baby Bok Choy, which were produced by Toshi

Album art by Vivian Ho

K.I.D.S mixed and mastered by Alexander Almgren

K.I.D.S features Holing Yip on vocals



all rights reserved


Blue Belt New York

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Track Name: Intro - Million Man
Hit it hit it hit it like a million drums,
speed dangerously hot like a million suns,
o-zi reppin asia like atilla the hun,
immortal yall, check my age i'm a million and one,
yo a milli, amelie, bangeladash,
Lil wayne knows i flow like audrie toutou,
so fast that I gotta rap on my tippie toes,
nipples flowin out milk like a million babies suckin on a
giant ass tittie, I'm really feelin this imagery,
yes I'm feelin silly,
yes i'm feelin myself,
yes i'm feelin these raps,
rapper in a post rap age eatin post cereal bowls and cereal snacks,
multivitamin kid, drinkin apple cider and shit,
fuck the biters and shit like prefuse 73,
i'm only 23 but i refuse to leave so please don't refuse me, ha

hit it hit it hit it no top to hit no limitation,
knowledge information, brave son
teach me all the ways of the million drums,
i'm not feelin the sun, i'm kinda feelin glum,
kinda feelin a million things in a million ways,
couldn't do all that i wanna do in a million days,
be true homeboy you are really amazin,
do somethin new, change ur yamaka placement,
fight a motha fucka in a yakuza basement,
find the difference between a yak and a buffalo,
at the ICP show drinkin yak with a juggalo,
flow like no other tho if i roll with these other fo's
then am i still hip hop or another boat yo
i can be your brother tho u know i set it off, set it off, set it off

Like a million bombs, I'm a global war monger,
a million frogs, gods amphibiano plague,
i'ma millionaire, million dollars holla son
i got a million followers, empty life gets hollower,
got a million songs on my itunes, zune,
smoked a million bongs on a full moon dude,
yellow man finna got a bellow man,
take a million hits, fuckin dish a million better and...
Track Name: K.I.D.S


Shorty you could be the one for me,
but you should know that I ain't fuckin with these K.I.D.S,
You better pump your brakes and wait for three,
cuz you should know that I ain't fuckin with these K.I.D.S,

Boy don't you know that you're too young, I could
crush you with my mother fucking thumb, and I know,
that you're hurting but you've got to leave,
cause you should know that I ain't fuckin with these K.I.D.S,


Call me Carl, cuz u know that I look jung,
no respect from kids, they be actin like hoodlums,
O.C. tanned, these doritos wanna fight me,
lookin young and fresh, all these pedos wanna bite me,
fuck these little fucking fuckers, got no love for
kids with mean mugs these weenie thugs they need hugs.
This is real talk, this is real talk,
catch me in the movies gettin pissed out the ear drums.
Yeah, wack guys and wack women,
get together and they pop out super wack children,
angry fat children, welcome to america,
young mike teevees spread like malaria


Kid ignoramus in a polo shirt,
sings the ching chong song, everybody singalong,
wack fools who pick on the quiet dudes
who already got issues so they shoot up the high schools,
they carryin that fuku, americanus voodoo,
that very honest karma is a bitch kinda susu.
Lil henchmen lookin for trends, and will line up for the next thing like emperor penguins.
Yeah, these kids be eatin tater tots.
these kids be takin jager shots.
these kids be takin tater tots and put it in their jager shots,
so they takin tater shots.

Pig head on a stake, who's leading the pack,
you can be ralph and I can be jack...repeat ad nauseum
Track Name: Real//Fantasy
I'm clingin to a fantasy,
Life skills, mastery,
Come swim with the dolphins and the manitee,
Says the ad agency,
Located on the sixth floor,
Trigger your emotions like one five six four,
Now you got the space bends,
Send you to the sick floor,
Where you get greeted by six whores,
Who file out from six doors,
Each prettier than the last except for the last one, you ignored,
Romantic novelist, living in a foreign land,
Gettin paid to write a sad story about a foreign man,
Our hero has to choose between six potions,
Chose the wrong one, now he's lonelier than six oceans,
Do I mind escapism?
I couldn't really tell, cause in my mind's a great schism,
So live it, Our hero jumps off the cliff -
and finds out the other side is greener is only a myth.
Track Name: Flippin Prod. Toshi ft. Blue Belt

I’m flipin off the wall Flippin flap jack em all
With the rap attack smack em all, break backs and all,
Send em back cause the chiropractor called,
They heads spinnin so they need that anti spiral tylenol,
Capi-tal Z, o-zi, O to Z I, three eyed, see my hyphen squeezed between the lines,
Ima hyphenated mind, I stick the knife in the pie, I see you trippin with my hyphenated eyes,
Glasses to contacts to glasses, my life blurs fast as it passes on the highway for the masses,
Fuck out my face massive asses, my style is sensitive, crew chill like sedative, or penguins embedded in
Ice from the freezer, keep my cool, psychedelic flow cause a seizure,
I do my own thing and watch y’all try to conquer rap like y’all are em-caesar
Et tu motha fuckaaaaaa


A2, shit, you hit my main battleship
No engines, now I have to paddle it
Affix a sticker, and label it the "catalyst"
In the catalog....when you're done, you can saddle
I must be getting old; my protegés have protegés
They sampled Odelay and made another Odelay
I give these Padawans "attaboy"'s as a form of encouragement
But then they start to grow up and they treat it like nourishment
I hate to be the cutscene killing the immersion
But I got the new version
Forgot the inversion


yeah, thats the deal
yeah, i wanna hear
yeah, don't wanna hear
no, just wanna hear
yeah, yeah thats the bestest
get it off my chest its
best to get it off like an uncomfortable vest
used to love christmas, i'm atheist
taste the tastiest taste in a taste test yes
yeah i got good taste, yeah i got toothpaste, yeah i got off days, yes
catch me at the moth yes, yes i'm at the moth yes
yes i stay positive, yes i'm post college kid, yes i know some knowledge bitch
yes to gynecologists, ob gyns, ob beer, thats korean beer,
that's right red stripe's carribean beer, i'm being so weird
i'm reading king lear, i'm drinking Tsingdao,
that's the king of beers,
fuck budweiser, fuck pbr, fuck ddr, you know who we are
we've got 200 facebook fans who know who we are! YEAH!
Track Name: Robot Girlfriend 2.0 ft. Underfur and D1G1

Fembot supreme, lovely girl from a dream,
mechanically stands like bionic man's better half,
like metropolis, I'm on top of this,
lazy like the water drifts, girl u so elegant,
futuristic love, space age, concave,
curves that about to bust out so voluptuous,
sexy steely freako, freaky form of people
from the catalog evil, steez that's so unequal,
rust proof baby bust roofs with busts huge,
baby butt view, two cans that'll make do,
tucan sam, exotic lady so spacey,
spaced out from this spliff mind so hazy,
can't pretend that i want the world's approval,
removin all the thoughts, from the women bots, soothing thoughts,
o-zi pioneering new races of android baby faces,
comon digi dood bring the bass in


digital dood that's digi digi digi
lookin for a chick like itty bitty piggy
minaj nicki, call quickly
call before my dicky dick gets all sickly
y'all sick of me? i'm sick of me
that's why i stay smoked out like hickory
boo rid-l-ey, i do didd-l-y
diddly diddly diddly, digi digi digi
hit me hit me hit me, but yea you will not
guess i need a robot, how about pornbot
today's treat? a chick with no box?
better yet two blue eyed viking women
who blow snot into their pie wholes? hot.
why? i know i know i know not … i know not
Track Name: Something in the Water ft. Blue Belt

Baby can't u see im cool like a cloud in the sky
Cool like vanilla pie viewed through winters eye
Ris, rebel lioness, does inspire this, flow like a fire kiss,
Rise in a spiral like hiromi eccy styleness,
And that's a shout out, to shing02, too, to my
LA crew too, I know cool dudes from Washington to
Florida, Catch me eating food in the corridor,
Sittin in the coriner,
Big apple, brooklyn to
astoria, im on the mta, every day im sitting on trains, my brains
M.I.A., my soul's
sitting on the tracks,
I don't care because the tracks are not even there,
Im aware, that they
stare, but its prollyy cause they say I look somethin like a young Buddha, like yellow jesus,
I kinda rep hershey so I guess im reppin reeces,
J1 heist got these kids in the factory,
Jesus, im actually a factual pterodactyl,
Lightning bolt, animal, lightning rod, Flammable,
Scientist's son, ima nihilist, son, I
Annihilate sons with a gun, cause im cooler than
water, mr. H2O, with flow like an otter,
and u know i got these diamonds in my bladder


i'm drinking lemonade
Where's my girl at
Where's my friends at
Wheres' my food at
I'm that chilling by the pool cat
diving in the pool, yeah,
you know i'm in the water.
1 2 3 good, 4 5 shit
6 7 8 9 10 11 shit
Now I'm 24, 24 good, 25 hopeful, 26 27 28 hopeful
young american
old americans
all everyone
all anyone wants is to be heard but
big bullies got your tongue
you gotta fuck'em up
you gotta fuckem up, you gotta fuckem up
i'm sippin lemonade in between fuckin' em up
like michael moore
hes fuckin em up
i like michael moore he's got a big fucking gut
(big belly)


Something in the water like fluoride and copper
Cyndi Lauper of this rap game, get it proper
"Get it poppier", gettin sloppy on the copier
Got this office party poppin and pretty popular
Sippin hoppy fogginess, probably should be obvious
To all of us, "Who's 'us'?" says the audience
They came for the beat, left for the politics
Or stayed as the case may be, college kids
Up at Minnetonka, going bonkers like the Cronk Yonkers
My flow is opera, I'm chomping like Sammy Gompers
Out with my girl, both of us wearing rompers
Sounded like a good idea, but honestly it's awkward
Somebody calls me a faggot idling at a stoplight
I start to think I should have gotten the romper in off white
Life's a play fight till they swap out the prop knife
Not nice, but the acting gets really good
Believe me
Track Name: Tea $hop
I'm in the tea shop
i'm drinking hot teas with my knees up
for some reason

i got alotta thoughts
most of which bottling up
can't write, just bottling up
fast metabolism. bodily luck.
other dudes be. bodily fucked.
o-zi straight as a nail
yet sometimes think about kissin a male
straight honest not wearin a veil
not muslim not wearin a veil
not christian so goin to hell
decisions good, not goin to jail
aimless dude. lookin for ID
you american dude? or chinese?
speak easy. freaky. abc weezy
i'm gettin sleepy. so i'm steepin tea
like a steeple. these people be creepy like smeagol
it's good kids turned evil. I
write bold. charisma is loud man
hard to do the barista playin loud jams
so i blast the speakers into pieces but i don't carry pieces cause i easily fall to pieces
home town hershey
call me young reeces
flow i go ape shit
call me young rhesus
monkey on the playground
call me young recess,
grew up in the states, so i see west. yes

I'm in the tea shop
i'm drinkin hot tea with my knees up
for some reason

on paper, assume a new persona
but this tea shop aromas givin me a boner
and these three cops think i'm up to no good
these three gods are checkin if my souls good
tryna drag me in to fill up a free spot
to me its a toss up tween them and russell's tea pot
my hustles slow but
my quality's hot.
hot like fresh baked empinadas in the oven
cold lack of something. ice cold penguin feet.
can't speak chinese, i rock that anglo speak
"english mothafucka!" "diction"
right wing words are pulp fiction,
right? i'm so left that i write left handed,
no seats left so these dudes left standin
holdin their coffee. lookin like idiots
thinkin bout how crowded this city is
so i move to the corner
writin haikus stoopin down like a foreigner
pull out the shiny headphones
shine like headies when they burn and i pull out the mole skin

catch me rappin in
haikus castin light moods on
dudes who surly like..