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Track Name: Morning Glory
O-Zi: Damn I got..
Sleep in my eyes, so crusty, call me crab,
Not crabby cause my futon does magic for my back,
Feelin pretty fresh, roll over check the time,
Prime time to wake up for my ten a.m. shake up,
But I keep the blankets on, outside might be colder
I’m rolled up tight like a Chinese boulder,
Immovable force, no one better fuckin touch me,
I’ll get up on my own, no one better fuckin rush me,


D1G1 motherfucker, gotta get up, too
wake up at 6 am, what's up dude?
gotta brush up, too, take the bus up to
Port Authority, my glory be these fucked up shoes
meaning, J.O. new, my outfit old
platinum cranium and my mouth stay gold
in america dude, digitelle sells souls
like humping a comforter, let the story unfold


Slept for so long my legs feelin week and rusty
put my left foot out first like the son of chico dusty,
kip up quick, probably fail the first try,
do or die next time, i leap up super high,
YES. that’s what I call a fucking success,
on my two feet i do leap forward to get dressed,
uh, pants, uh, shirt, YEAH! pants and shirt combo thatll work.


I'm at work and the Facebook gotta lot of spam on it
report and remove boobs, booty I go ham on it
got a boner in my pants, should I put a hand on it?
nah, gotta stay focused, slang orange
soda, and lemon-lime, too
don't like what I do? write a tepid haiku
man I kept my style loose lest I jeapordize truth
fuck it, time to get me my food


Hit the bathroom, blast my ass i pass out food, (unngggghh)
i guess that poop rap is kinda rude,
so I switch it to the tooth rap, brush stick intrusive,
mint style music fresh spit shit prolific,
i’m kinda smelly so i wash off my belly,
rubbadub dub in the tub turn to jelly,
jelly! peanutbutter all up on my bread,
morning snack, digi take it back, while i hit a new track

had a tad much of bagged lunch, moms is a prophet
Itis in my system, ambition in my pocket
work from 10-6, from 6-10 I rock it
in theory, you feel me? you see this eye socket?
see these dreams: glitter ain't gold
you heard the phrase from a package that sold
corn syrup and lyrics like "listen, be bold
or be broke, never say never: keep hope"


Make a beat, take a beat,
sample shit and fake a beat,
rap overatrack, flowisasnack,
call me garfield, but don’t tie me down, if ya do move over,
call me o-zi the composer,
writin music till the sun goes down,
till the sun comes up!
till my eyes are fried eggs,
on the skillet - screen,
computer burnin - hot,
product of the information age, full of imitative ways,
but i cant help but rap about what i know,
a fucked up amazin asian american shit show,
my minds in limbo, hop on the compu-to,
sign in to gchat and hit up digi, YOU KNOW?


D1G1 dude know but man I'm stressed out
trying my hardest, can't get my best out
wait until Friday, let me let that stress out
maybe that would help me let me let my best out
Track Name: E.Y.B. (Eff Yr Blog)

Hello, my name is robby moto,
Year of the dragon style so komodo,
Hiss, ima eat yo burrito,
Unless I’m not hungry ima pass,
Thanks, though

I can do whatever I want if my mind wills it,
I can eat a tin can or bend a metal skillet,
- walk dogs while a narrator spills it,
Commute for two hours, one stop past mets-willet,

Cough, now we getting to it,
Seein through o-zi’s eyes, no disguise,
The veil’s been thrown and the throne’s grown old,
Two thousand leven and the future’s so cold, (so cold)

- rap personal, fuck I’m cursable,
fuck, your, blog and the pub-lic curse it all,
- My curtain call’s closed for most of y’all,
- I can take it but I won’t for get it all,
Confident in the fact that I’m confident
Call me Bruce lee, (what?) bitch that’s a compliment,
cause my race predicates on my confidence,
i’m new cognizance, i’m old college kids.

Lyric says a lot of things but my beats big,
Love bot hit the drum like a beat king,
- Rap for him cause he’s busy doin’ his thing,
His wing’s clipped when the beat clips, unison.

- O why is my name o- zi?
O why does a chicken have two thighs?
Why you tell me dumb shit, pass it as advice?
Think about it once before you think about it twice,

I’m a no slow man, you’re a slowbro-
chief blogotron, king of the dojo?
you’re just a pokemon, you can catch me solo,
movin cross the scene in my slow mo kimono.


Did you really think this song is about you?
if you did then this song is about YOU,
o-zi, digi (hi!) internet kids,
if you don’t think you like this it goes something like this,
fuck your blog bitch, fuckyourblogbitchfuckyougrbohogugj...


hi Rob, why you actin all aggy?
don't you know I'm on my info aggre-
gation? say a blogger nags me
all it does it make me slightly less happy
but I'm an evergreen, and that's a sapling
I'm Dogfort, and that's a cat, b
if you're sweeter than sap you're sappy
if you get the rap then you get the latchkey
welcome to the sunroom, duh dude
my mind is a mansion, plenty grub food
plenty love, too, plenty monks, too
with the illest garden like "aw shucks, boo"
geranium cranium, plus tu-
lips n shit, this is it, this is what I'm up to
this is how I duck truth, this is how I fluctu-
ate, blogger ass motherfucker I do not trust you
swag surf the internet with a rare swag
listen to The-Dream croon about a rare bag
five stacks before you get to pull the hair back
like "dag, I didn't know you naired that"
fantasy dream, D1G D, Pierre Pan
in reverse, that's my curse, weird, man
welcome to the ugly, welcome to the weird half
man who cares? who really wants to hear that?
it's easier to spit some shit that's frivolous
like "Digit is, the illest, bitch"
like "Digit lips, lick the nipple tits"
rather than spit some shit that's self-libelous
here's another little kid lyricist
limited in thinking that lyrics is unlimited
listen, kid, get help, that's ridiculous
like saying that the body is where the spirit is
Track Name: WI-FI

digital dude, every deed I do is digital
D1G1 motherfucker, every thought I think is cynical
y'all tautological, D1G1 dude is cyclical
catch me brag again up to digital shenanigans
D1G1 actin' up, now I'm caught in a branigan
Irish, Obama, O'Connor, Flan again
Flannery apparent he ain't rapped in a minute
but I got it back, burlappin 'em bitches
listen, I can feel myself get stupider
download the dude who's a computer nerd from jupiter
a hooter's shirt on lucifer: how peculiar
like a brown man writing raps in Fort Juniper

yea, and I'm internet famous, steel stainless
watch me cook with it, digital ignoramus
still brainless, dick and an anus
and I shan't refrain, no hook here: refrainless
put your heart on my card and I'll miss payments
go to Vegas, stay in Vegas, eat rutabagas
and bagels, with maple syrup
in Napes, the fabled cherub
the cleric, and his clerical fees
D1G1 clairvoiyant with hysterical dreams
and her creams, in his pants
… in his pants


Wi-fi hook me up now im in-fected,
high spy, governmentally corrected brain,
blown, fuse, set me free from socially,
critically untraceable, so detached emotionally -
interweb stalker in an at-at walker,
whatever i so choose, bruce wayne or peter parker,
LARPer, harpsichord, demonoid, pop up blocker ima
cock blocker, cock bopper, kids bop rocker mocker,
internet pirate, pyrex dish,
put me in the oven now i’m baked like a baked fish,
im on a wire but i’m wireless,
rigid in life, pidgeonholed in a real life fish bowl,
fight with six year old trolls with a word sword,
slice! hear the wu before the tang big bang,
kaboom! you hear the news before you hear the noise,
online circulation, light speed interpretation,
barrage of sounds from chant shit, to H.O.V.A,
left over from all this is my dolce stile nuova,
my mind driftin here to lisbon,
you barely catch my thoughts and im ghost like ibsen.
Track Name: Anymore
Nina Simone Sample
(The things i used to like, I don’t like anymore)


'twas a Seed before becoming a dude D1G1
had a personality, split it fifty-fifty
if you look me in the eyes you can see the shifty
movement, who's in the room? it's
dude-dini, 'scapologist, instant pleasure, Rufus
Wainright, Lil' Wayne, light a J, truth is
… man the truth is elusive
but I'm in the booth, bitch, foolish with a flutist
or did he mean flautist? "April is the Cruelest"
doctor named Faustus, literary outlet
for a young brown kid who thought he was without shit
head is in the clouds so his head… is clouded
and you know in time it has to rain y'all
and it did but now I can't complain y'all
'cept for lame brains tryna claim my brain y'all
but I'm digital, original, inimitable


Trapped in the chocolate bubble, I turned it all to rubble,
Survived on the crumbs of school rules a rural fool,
Toolio, I was washed up like Coolio, I don’t mean to be mean but that
Dude is truly old,
Radio child with style that would break a smile,
I was lifeless, brain dead like oscar wilde,
Booklists and big fists caught me in an aisle,
Micromachines rescued me intellectually,
Starcrossed and starcraft I was the master,
- Creator of my own world I rushed faster,
Often heartbroken, but does that really matter?
I’m light years away in space way past Saturn.
Past Pluto’s kiss just missed the mouth,
Atheistic knowledge with a mystic sense of self
Captain of the Enterprise, never knew till now,
I’m makin up for lost time cost me my sound.
Track Name: Rapper Dude

DAMN, my brain is a spectacle,
and if you can’t see that then you need brain spectacles,
in fact my whole head is electrical,
stomach flows and my flows yeast so infectable,
o-zi, weird till i die,
rap about a robot till the pigs fly,
i’m not workin for my place in history,
lookin at the future heart set on the mystery.
Got a level head, but that’s irrelevant,
When I’m unintelligent, baked like the devil’s bread,
but the devil’s dead, atheistic neverland,
college killed religion so i gotta find my own plan.
but i got a long way till my minds made,
jack of all trades, master no praise,
i’m the former and the latter,
the indie racket cinematic rapper with theatric swagger.

Chorus (ALL)

Zonin out, catchin Z’s to these platitudes,
So I change my zone, longitude and latitude,
and I change my tone, then I change my attitude,
I’m not a dapper dude, fool, i’m a rapper dude, (2x)
I’m not a dapper dude, fool, i’m a rapper dude! (4x)

Boss Frog

Butter fly flutter flutter
Hurricane flood your mother’s
Basement, taste mint? I taste, peanut butter
I am just my brother’s brother, cause we share the same mother,
And we share the same dad, picture this, paint that
picture us as babies, now we making nice rap
Now we ride the subway, checking out nice rats
People grow and people die, snow comes from the sky,
Circumference equals D pi, Andrew likes, free cake,
Andrew likes free pie, Rapping name is boss frog,
I don’t even like frogs, why is that? I don’t know,
who is God, I don’t know, I don’t think he’s real though,
Don’t call me a sinner man, You can call me logical
I don’t need a deity, I know how I oughta be
I try to do the right thing, left not right wing,
Peace not fighting, although I like fighting
Down with dictators, even though I like to sight sing



young D 1 G 1 feel numb on a Wednesday
some say "Hump Day," at least that's what my friends say
grind to get ahead, get the rent paid
mind's a misty mess, thoughts of end days en-graved
emblazoned in the sky of my wide eyes
remember when the sky was as wide as our eyes?
remember that July? burger soda fries
ordered h'ors doeurves hungover, peanuts at a Five Guys
Ionno man my mind is kinda fuckin wit me
I'm moving forward but it feels I'm bringing nothin with me
I'm only twenty-four but it feels like I'm fuckin sixty
what's the matter, man? what happened, dog? it's nothin really
can't see nothin clearly, feel kinda worthless
a wordless wordsmith with purposeless verses
man, you'res such a hater, you need to cool out
wisdom comes with age and you're acting like a fool now

Track Name: Somethin Else (Prod. Boss Frog)

Eyoo, who am I kiddin, here I am chillin
sittin in the grass thinkin that I can’t stop thinkin
that i need to switch it up i need to do somethin else,
i need to switch it up i need to do somethin else,
Yo,, who am I kiddin, here I am chillin
sittin in the grass thinkin that I can’t stop thinkin
that i need to switch it up i need to do somethin else,
i need to switch it up i need to do somethin else, FUCK


rappinin on this beat right here
any motherfucker could be right here
that's a lie, my dear, and it's quite clear
and his angle's anglophobic so his vision's white fear
right here over light beer the critic responded
that the sonic element is quite anglophonic
that's the anglophonic anglophile's angle on it
what you gonna tell him when your vision's way beyond him?
not a whole lot, pops, bought a whole lotta pop
when I saw my soul on sale at Stop-N-Shop
Waka Flocka Flame, Blocka Block
drop an egg on the block if the block is hot
I'm ovular and my taste tastes … delectable
and it's edible, whereas yours is incredible
according to medical records it's regrettable
to champion such a sound that's unsound, forgettable


And I’ve got a new rap for this beat too,
Cause my old flows gone so my flow flew,
Gone away like the time that I spent not
Bitchin but its me, in the kitchen washin dishes that
Bitches that just left, yo bitch you just left,
Well who’s the bitch bitchin if it’s me, switch your vision, Ima
Cold hearted kitten, kitty food spittin, I’m
Off the yarn ball, but I’m stuck, like a barnacal
And you coulda called,but another cutie called,
So you left, me, chillin’ on my ass thinkin’ that I
Need to switch it up, but I’m in a rut, eatin’ butter
Cups, Like a Hershey boy in a butt cup,
And now my butts stuck, gotta get my butt up,
Blame it on race, but I wouldn’t wanna switch place,
So I pick it up, do it with a flat face,
Eat this track up, I’m a lion with a chow mane!


Boss Frog

Switch it I’m a scratch an itch
Flip and hit slip and slide
This is what it feels like
I’m feeling like a kid inside
Puppy luv, I got a crush,
Crush like orange, like
orange you glad That
I’m not boring us (you)

But we can both be boring too
Things change, people do
Raichu came from pikachu
Look at me and look at you
And look at me, happy,
happy writing Sappy lines,
Boil them to maple syrup,
You know it’s pancake time

Yeah I made a crappy rhyme
and we could keep it hot, girl
but things cool,
don’t you see the way it’s got
maybe we could use a change, man
look at the range man
Cam’ron said, we got a whole new game plan

No ill will, cause you know I never wanted that
Keep my will smith album, though I want it back
Chasin’ forever, now that’s an ill track
But things change, nobody ever tell Will that?
This might be a rut, cause I’m sittin’ on butt
But it’s time to switch it up, So I’m gonna it switch it up
And I’m gonna make a flip, from a sneaker to flip flop
And If I hit the switch, And I can make the ass..

Drop. Make the ass drop, like an egg drop
And I’m feelin’ gassed up like a rest stop,
It’s pocket change man, nickel quarter dime
I’m the yellow ranger
And it’s morphin’ time
Track Name: Sparrow (Feat. Ben Seretan and Jamrod)

Let me go back, we can run away from this trap,
You and me, and the sparrow guiding our path,
We can beat our bird brains together at last,
Be free fly home, kickin’ back, all alone, BUT
- Love hate it, this city’s so degraded,
But how you gonna be a rapper back in rural PA,
cause when you see a, caged bird sing a,
sad soundin song, sounds to me that shit’s all wrong,
It’s a rat race, birds caught in a bat’s place,
words caught in a dream catcher, in the rye, I prefer
whole wheat, so I can eat, whole meat, guilt free,
knowing that my diet’s balanced healthily, bitch please,
- Fuddruckers dude go for the ostrich burger,
Pangs of guilt that my purchase cost which murder,
Peking duck, on my plate, givin’ sad looks,
Jam rod the bird chef, ends his rap, with a hook,


Yo I cook birds, eat them, and never feel remorse
Even as the crow fries for the second course
But when I get coarse, y'all bird brains burst
Bird in the hand in the bush, third goes first

Fucking pigeons looking like they're looking at me
Little widgets, I'm wondering if birds have teeth
I walked away – the pigeons started singing
"From a bird's eye view, the birds eye you"

I'm a Legend of Ga'hoole, come see me in 3D
Got an eagle eye that can read legalese freely
At least as free as a bird now, which is to say trapped
My wings got clipped, my talons got capped

My sampler is like a pet vulture
When he's in his cage I keep him starved of culture
I don't want to be there when he's old enough to vote
I get embarassed when animals emote

I suppose my allegiances lie with mammals
Who talk about the womb as if think it's untrammeled
Old ass pirates reminiscing 'bout legs
But you never hear their parrots reminisce about the egg

I’m a bird watcher but the birds watch back (they only wanna open ya)
I’m a bird watcher but the birds watch back (bird songs, welcome to dinotopia)


Bird, Bird, bird is the word,
mother fuckers act like they never fuckin heard,
solidarity, life in the air is free,
ultimate clarity as i flap my wings sparingly,
I’d like to think my life goals achievable,
free from all urge and stress is nonconceivable,
my zen shit off the charts, baby i’m an island,
swim up to me ladies let me show you my diamonds,
but don’t touch em cause they’re mine man,
think that i’m selfish? You should see ayn rand.
a mean queen of philosophy,
born from an owl and a rare velociraptor breed,
but i admit i digress, it’s true,
if it meant i’d be a bird i’d gladly catch the bird flu,
cause it’s sky life im livin high life,
y’all can’t buy, my time with your slimy dimes, cause it’s MY LIFE.
Track Name: Sun Down

Midnight drive, I’m alive, hi-fi disguise,
hypnotised by light streaks from sleepless weeks,
keep me awake, someone bake me a cake,
someone give me sense from numbness since i sensed the senseless dumbness.

CHORUS (Boss Frog)

Come down, we bring the sun down,
Down town, we’ll bring the sun down,
drive round, we brought the sun down,
o-z-i, digital dood, we brought the sun down.


Light screen penetrate, pupils degenerate,
sound cloud surrounds my mind grinds incinerate,
brain cells, brain sold in stores, stored in cells,
locked up till morning, the bored awake by snoring but,
or at least thats what my friends say,
zombie without decay,
i just sleep late is that what must have led your brain astray,
you better leash that shit before you lose it,
stray brain remains bruised, confused yet slightly removed,
damn. i’m nameless.
chinese but i’m aimless.
can’t speak the language but I look it so i’m brainless,
colored like a sun spot, flaring like a gun shot,
none of the above, stuck with ozi. lovebot.

CHORUS (somethin similar)


rappin man, rappin flow, fatter than a Frank Furt
rappin those rap words in a rap verse for rap nerds
the genuine geniuses, spittin since fetuses
some spit as sperm in the semen in penises
as for me the digitelle I got no mommmy
born from the brain of Rza Digitech, Bobby
do you copy? understand everything do you got me?
I was raised in an email incubator overseen by Kool A.D.
Dude A.D. who's Seedy F. Bobby?

not original, I'm a copy of a copy
I am original, and a copy of a copy
aboriginal, got a copy of a copy
copyin me? gonna knock you off the potty
knockin the stee? better say that you're sorry
not the shit, I'm cocky, I'm arrogant and sloppy
adapted the spit, c'mon, bitch: adopt me

Track Name: Dream Machine (Feat. Deb Oh)
Deb Oh

I have these dreams,
What do they mean
To you?
(hada dream hada dream hada dream hada)
(hada dream hada dream hada dream hada)

I’d sleep all day,
If sleep could pay
My rent.
(hada dream hada dream hada dream hada)
(hada dream hada dream hada dream hada)

I dreamt of you,
But you weren’t you,
You know what I mean
(hada dream hada dream hada dream hada)
(hada dream hada dream hada dream hada)


This is
Sub flow, conscious no, weepy teen rap no sir no, conscious stream rap maybe so, sleepy jean rap here we go, excuse me miss,
Sleep with me we’ll dream of electric kisses,
We’re misfits, awake but sleeping is an exit, this is some

Sub flow, proto zoned in-my-head in-my-dream implode,
Let me go home, stuck in a dream, in a dream, in a dream no inception joke,
And I’m stoked, drove my car into a house,
With my friend pete and we bounce,
And bounce out, before my momma finds out but

Wait, fragment memories and I’m fighting stagnant enemies,
Swimming through the anemones, I can’t believe I remember these,
So strange, what’s it mean if I get a sex change,
Did I just say that, did I just say what, whatchu talking bout, whatchu talking about yo,

And I’m back with this proto flow, tangential and rightly so,
Eyes closed, breathing slow, watch me shine in my nightly glow,
Sleep deep, not a peep but wake me up as a nightmare grows,
switch it up so I don’t bore us yo so,
Watch me switch to the chorus yo


one time I saw this dude drown in an ocean
made of orange, soda, it took me a while to work it out
it was just a Fanta Sea, branding be
in your family tree, creeping steep
in your mind, while the roots grow grosser grotesque as you sleep
as for me, asking me these question, what I think of dreams?
well I think that dreams are exactly what they seem to be
some enjoy the scenery, I prefer to peacefully
turn off my mind and cease to be I dream therefore I see reality
repeated, that vision I don't need it
a prism of light unveils the prison of life
too heavy? agreed it's, depressing: delete it
but peep the control the dream control c's it
…and then control v's it
jesus, it makes sense that y'all need jesus
me and my peeps is dreaming of Visas
remember when we came here with temporary visas?

Track Name: Space Station (Feat. @youngcollier and Jamrod)
Intro: (space station announcement)
Punk motha fuckas please stay outside,
There ain’t no room in space for you, stay outside,
I am the pie in the sky, open up wide,
For my ray gun suckaa, space station.

CHORUS (D1G1 and Collier)
I'm on that levitation
I’m floating upside down in the space station, 2x
Space Station.


Im on that levitation, no gravitation, like
Wearin corduroys in a levi’s nation,
Livin on a space station, must be mental,
But I got robots cleanin my teeth; free dental,

I see all from my watch tower utopia,
Over ya heads I flew from opiate fallopia,
Fear is the mind killer so fuck phobias,
Fear my slick style while ya slip on petrolia,

- I’m walkin on shined plutonium linoleum,
import from Pluto, none of that mars stuff like bruno, (this line needs tweakin)
got lady friends there but we’re strictly plutonic,
they threatened me to say that with their space grip bubonic death shit,
so I chill in my station,
it may be in my brain but it’s my ultimate creation,
Never feel pain, robotic nova cane,
Blow me up, im super nova shame..



I got space, now I wish I had gravity
I got gravitas; my voice is all gravelly
But where to gravitate now nobody's making me?
I'm making bread but I've barely got a bakery
We got Wifi and a booming hi-fi
Just say the word and we'll shout back, "aye aye"
But if you think that's seeing eye to eye, you're tupid
Though I'm the one who's saying "ok" to cupid
And I'm the source of all this space pollution
Along with several of the hypothetical solutions
My fingers in my stubble as I think about the trouble
Caused by all this fucking rubble slamming up against the Hubble
Yeah I do it on the double and then switch back to one
Basking in the gamma rays straight from the sun
This space vacation has got me feeling merry
Writing friends notes on my geostationery
But if they write back, it doesn't reach me
And so I'm wasting away and getting preachy
I choke up like I work for Darth Vader
So it's time to go down on that space escalator

Boss Frog

Space like outer
Clams like chowder
Astronaut bread bowls taste like powder
Astronaut ice cream tastes like powder
Everything in space tastes just like freeze-dried
Vacuum sealed meals, just add water,
Just add heat, now it tastes hotter
Space George Washington, space revolution,
Space founding fathers, sign the reconstitution
Space chips, space dip, homer simpson style, Bringing
Snacks on the space ship, please don’t make a mess,
Space caesar salad, space croutons taste best, From the
corner of my eye, I see Digi spill the salad dressing…



my bad about that Andrew
looks like I lost my handle
it's easy with no or low gravity
unhinged, mishaps, ha, hilarity
ensues when viewed through a different mood
'tis true, D1G dude's a different dude
up here, such fear overcomes the dumb-dumb
my vision's unclear to the point I'm numb from
one corner of my eye to the other corner of my eye
I can't see … out of my right eye…
and I'm scared… I might… die
no I'm not, just playin, just tracin
I trace a space station, tracin aliens
up in those same space stations
like they're hyperventillations systems
listen, it's like they were made
with a single purpose: hyperventillate
Ionno I'ma go back to it, my flow mad foolish
unfinished, Popeye, I munch much spinach
Track Name: Electric Sheep (SIGMIX BONUS)

Sleeperhold, put me to sleep,
Dreamin robotic like electric sheep,
Electric fences and electric beats,
Correct insomniatic radical feats,

I flow unconscious, drift in and out,
Mind mosey, like a rodeo, and its getting outta
Hand, like a spiritually elevated man,
Kamikazi in my brain, partially insane,

Is it possible, that a robot can dream,
Electronic currents from a tender machine,
Possibly, has to be done through green screen,
Seamless similar to human irregular,

CHORUS (o-zi)

Simulated sequence of human complex
Complex, complicated, robots confiscated,
When they dream, when they dream,
When we dream, when we dream,

Simulated sequence of human complex
What’s next, appreciated, robots inebriated
When they dream, when they dream,
When we dream, when we dream,


Android love, pornbot stud,
Rated X movies with a socket and a plug,
Scary futuristic from a dream that’s the mystic,
Difficult to follow like a code that’s encrypted,
(Crypted, crypted crypted crypted)

If I can’t dream then at least give me nightmares,
So I can feel something when I’m powered off in my square
Room, locked up with the broom and the vacuum,
Staring all night at wall, and if it’s
All right with you, I’ma, hit the streets soon,
Out on my own with a quest for a robot home,
Digital beds, for digital baby heads, to
Go find imaginariums forever carry em,

into empyrean, out of the casing
that contains all the thoughts in their brains,
thoughts of their names,
think like an algorithm, syncopated allo-rhythms
that, make, me, so, algorhythmic,
Emotions and dreams,
Dual natural schemes,
Couldn’t fit it all on a hundred paper reams,
Police the subconscious, Freddy Krueger got this,
Robots on the run, from the digital apocalypse,



D1G1 D otherwise digital dude
dreaming digital dream 'bout a digital boo
last night, that's right: I slept for ten hours
dreamt about the time before the digital powers
and digital prowess, I used to be a human
you used to love me 'fore the colde and confusion
took over, feeling old, feeling feelings
but back to the dream that D1G1 D dreaming:
we were happy, at your place in Crown Heights
sounds sappy, but any sound might
out of context, bomb sex, you have it with your new man
chillin in the living room and "what it do, fam?"
what I said to him as he came back home
"you can fall back it ain't payback, holmes"
I'm just happy to see her, laughing it's weird
flip the Wu-Tang jammy: after the tears